camo camo camo camo camo camoleon

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I KNOW that the song and the correct spelling is chameleon, but it was fun singing it this way!

Regardless, the latest massive trend infiltrating our closets is the quintessential pattern: Camouflage.

The most commonly known pattern is the US Woodlands. It’s a 4-color pattern that provides a good, general purpose camouflage for temperate and tropical environments and it’s the most popular,recognizable and widely used camouflage in the world. There has been an incidence that in times of war, this pattern comes back into style.

Well, it’s back now! Whether it’s a throwback to the 90’s or related to any conflicts, I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that designers everywhere are embracing it and it is slowly creeping up on us in every form possible!

My advice would be to try to own as much camo as possible, but NEVER, and I say NEVER use it all together. You are probably not in the armed forces and you don’t need to blend into your surroundings.

Let’s start from the top.

Beanies are not for everyone, some people can pull them off and look amazing and some just look like they’re walking around with a condom on their head. This one from Carhartt is pretty cool and will keep you warm these winter months.

If you’re more of a snapbacks kinda guy, then this is the one for you. Obey always has some pretty nice caps and this one combining the graphic with the pattern is just really cool.

Or this 5 panel cap from Billionaire Boys Club

If you feel like you want something with a bigger statement, you could try a jacket or shirt. The Camo Utility Shirt from HUF would probably look awesome with some nice pants and button down shirt.

Or you could try a nice jumper from Billionaire Boys Club that also has the added touch of the badge detail in the chest.

If you don’t like THAT much pattern, you could also go for something simple like a plain white tee with a graphic printed in camp like this 10th anniversary tee from A Bathing Ape x YOYO featuring a combination of their logos. I would say it’s a nice way of keeping up with the trend but not going overboard.

Or you could also do a type of color blocked shirt. I love those and I LOVE this one so much. I really want to own it. I left it for last cause I think it’s definitely the coolest. This one from Kith Blue Label is featured in the usual woodland camo and a winter camo. Both are pretty awesome.

So let’s go to pants. I actually haven’t seen that many camo pants that I like. This being the more traditional of garments to be done  and worn with the camouflage pattern. I feel that for the pant to really look cool, there has to be something different or special about it.

Again, Kith stands out here! They have these Red Label shorts that could look awesome with a simple tee and some vans. They have a great fit and a nice cuff at the bottom which just sold me on them.

They also have these from their Blue Label. called the Mercer Pant they have a nice black elastic band at the bottom giving it a cool tapered effect.

You can get all these Kith pieces here.

If you’re more of a Dockers kinda guy, they also jumped on the camouflage bandwagon. It has a slimmer fit and some cool pops of orange to add to it. They are being sold at Urban Outfitters

My personal favorite – and the ones I actually own – are these Camo Motocross hybrid from Zara.

Here comes the fun part: Shoes! Designers have really taken to using this pattern in all types of shoes, from sneakers to boots to dress shoes. Here are some of my favorites.

Starting off is this collaboration between Ronnie Fieg and Dr Martens. It’s like a wingtip boot with a mix between leather and camouflage. Beautiful.

This collaboration produced what is probably my favorite shoe here: the Brogue Wingtip Shoe. The mix of the camouflage with the black suede looks so classy and cool. They probably would look awesome with jeans and will look so chic with trousers.

You can get them both from Kith.

I’m also a big fan of Clarks shoes. These 2 products are from the hybrid collection.

If you are more of a sneaker head or feel like this pattern is too much for a dress shoe or boot, here are some pretty cool options.

The first one is another collaboration, this one between Supra and Mobb Deep. It’s Supra’s Bandit style updated with the trendiest pattern now.

Or you could get these Nike SB Stefan Janoski Low in the camo colorway which are super comfortable and give you that skater/street style look and I’m dying to get them!

If I still haven’t convinced you that camouflage is this years pattern, here are some accessories, unexpected things, celebrities and ME wearing it.

Very traditional Timex Camper watch in camp

There’s also this option from Nixon in collaboration with Colette

Maybe you need an umbrella by Maharishi x London Undercover

You will definitely need a suitcase for your travels! (by masterpiece)

Or perhaps a Disaronno bottle with a leather sleeve bag designed by Maharishi and Bagjack. Cause you definitely should try to make your alcohol blend in with the surroundings! Although its pretty cool that it includes a pocket with waterproof zipper, another pocket for business cards, and more pockets with a pencil from Faber Castell, a Parker pen and a 24-carat gold-plated waterproof USB stick.

And if you really wanna drive around UNNOTICED, you should go for this paint job.

You can look at Rihanna (she really wears it well!)

Or some stylish men I’ve seen online

Nick Wooster

See if you can make this trend work for you.

My good friend, fellow blogger and former GQ coworker, Saul is also wearing the Zara Motocross Trousers and ALSO posted about it today on his blog TRENDSTYLED! Go check him out!

I made it work for me:


I’m blue da ba dee da ba di

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Everyone that knows me knows that my favorite color is blue. I have blue vans, blue wallets, a blue charm on my necklace and probably half of my closet is different shades and tones of blue. So it is very nice, when I see that a lot of designers are using blue in their pieces.

I’m calling it: BLUE IS GONNA BE REALLY HOT THIS YEAR!  I mean, Beyoncé named her child BLUE Ivy. I don’t think that was a coincidence!


Let’s start with this iPhone cover, it’s by Reedwrite and it’s pretty cool cause it also works as a card case. Plus, I gotta say, the blue/yellow combo in this picture is amazing.

I also really like quirky accessories like this Cast of Vices leather bag which resembles a plastic grocery bag.

This cap from Supreme is actually pretty cool. It is very ornate and not everyone could wear it, but Id give it a try.

2 things that are very hot right now, Blue and polka dots, combined perfectly in this Comme Des Garçons shirt. Also, the pattern mixing looks rad.

I am so in love with different colors sleeves in shirts right now. i think it just adds a touch and makes the shirt less boring. Of course i really like this One Nine Zero Six shirt. It loos so effortless and cool.

And this Patrik Ervell sweater.

Now, color blocking is always cool. It makes you look like you’re daring and caring in fashion. This simple polo from Uniform Experiment is SOOO COOL, like i am in love with it. Plus, it has the little blue skull.

Since it’s practically summer, i find it appropriate that Bolt has these blue board shorts. Classic short in a classic color, but the silhouette makes it so much better and the yellow lightning bolt just adds a nice touch.

Now, these are a little too much, but i just wanted to show that blue really will be big. These patent leather loafers from YSL might look cool if paired with the right outfit. They are kinda cool, kinda not. I don’t know how i really feel about them and i don’t think i will know until i see them worn.

It is even popping up as an accent color. These United Nude desert boots are really cool because they are not overwhelming and are pretty easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. The classic desert boot gets a lift with the electric blue sole.

These i LOVE. The two toned blue shoes are soooo pretty and they could make any look so much cooler. I can picture me wearing them with some rolled jeans and a white shirt. The shoes ARE the outfit. These Nubuck Derby Shoes from T&F Slack in London are AWESOME!

Another big trend right now is the wedge sole. These Prada combine the perfect classiness of wingtips in black patent leather with some crazy striped black and blue wedge soles. I would do anything for these.  I REALLY MEAN ANYTHING!

These are more toned down, but no less special. Plus, they look more refined and could work in more formal occasions. The Havana Navy Flats by Christian Loubutin which has become one of my favorite designers.

For those of you who are unsure about going full blue, here is a good alternative. These black and navy Grenson brogues are pretty nice.

And now of course, I wanna talk about what i own. These Sperry Top Siders are amazing, they combine the classic shape and leather brown color way with my favorite color on the sole.

To finish this post off, I leave you with ANOTHER BLUE related song. The Blood Orange remix of the lovely Lana del Rey song Blue Jeans CLICK HERE!!!

Take a walk on the wild side

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Leopard print is EVERYWHERE!!!

I mean, a few years ago, this might’ve looked cheesy or trashy, but lately designers are just doing it right. The cool thing is that I’ve always thought of animal print as a more feminine trend, but here are a few cool options that make it cool for a guy to wear.

I’m starting off on the wrong foot cause technically this is cheetah, but it goes to show that guys are getting in n the animal action. Plus, it’s also floral.

Back to leopard, we have this collaboration from XLARGE and Madfoot! that wen’t all match-matchy. I don’t know if i love it, but i’ll give it a try.

Talking about match-matchy, that old rule about matching your shoes to your belt, you can do that with this one by Grin & Berrett (Best name ever for a company).

The Versace for H&M Collection also helped the trend, offering jackets, shirts and caps with colorful leopard print.

Supra has an entire line of leopard printed sneakers. The Assault, Cutler and Wrap actually look pretty cool in this pattern.

Another cool leopard sneaker is the Alien Stomper by Reebok. From all the animal printed sneakers I’ve seen, i think these are by far my faves. The pattern isn’t overwhelming but compliments the style of the shoe. Pretty cool.

Coming in a close second is the Adidas Forum Mid.

One of the kings of shoes is Mr Louboutin. He never fails to impress with his men’s offerings. His popular Rantus Orlato sneaker gets the wild treatment with leopard pony (huh?). Here it goes.

One of my favorite designers for his over the top fashion, Jeremy Scott, has created THIS. Would i wear it? No. Is it crazy? Yes. Is it cool? HELL YES!

Now, i love topsiders and to this day i only have 1 pair and they’re like beige and suede. Not your traditional shoe, but this one goes even further. The Yuketen Country Ranger has gone wild.

Vans and puma are in on the trend too.

It should be noted, that it’s not always the traditional leopard print. Some are using it in greys or even colored. Like these White Mountaneering sneakers.

Or these parkas made in collaboration by Supreme and North Face.

And that is not always sneakers, wingtips are going animal kingdom too.

Enough animal prints, they got me going wild. Are you gonna be spotted wearing these?

Black shoes

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I’ve actually been thinking about black shoes a lot lately.

I don’t actually own a pair of black dress shoes and it wasn’t until recently that i didn’t own a pair of black sneakers. I always find it really hard to choose black shoes. Choose! Shoes! That rhymed! Anyway, I always feel that you have to be really picky about black dress shoes. They have to look good with a suit, but also work with jeans. Not too shinny or pointy. It’s a mess. And with sneakers i just need them to have a little bit of white or other color in it.

Here are a few black shoes that I really like but won’t know if i love them until i try them on.

– Christian Loubutin Metal Toe Cap lace ups

Although i love these. There a little too flashy.

–  Dainite Sole Gibson by Inventory & Mark McNairy

As awesome as it looks, with the beige sole, i feel like these would only work for jeans.

Now, THESE are perfect. I would totally rock these if they weren’t so expensive. They are beautiful and I’m sure that they’d work well with pretty much anything. They’re Maison Martin Margiela and are called the Paint oxford.

Now, i always end up going to Zara to get my shoes but whenever i try them on i just don’t like them. Here are a few black shoes that i haven’t tried on yet and i like. All of them are nice, but who knows how they look on my feet or with jeans or a nice pant?

Like i said, when it comes to sneakers, it helps if the shoe isn’t ALL black. I already found some pretty awesome Switchback Vans, but these Converse in collaboration with Vanquish are pretty dope.

i know people love the Loubutin spikes, but until now i actually hadn’t found a pair of shoes with them that i liked. These slip ons are actually pretty cool, they look comfortable and would take your rocker look to a whole new level. Can someone get them for me?

Now these i don’t know where to put. They are kinda casual, kinda dressy. It’s one of the latest trends in mens shoes, the wedge. These are by British remains. I’m not sure if i’d wear them, but at least i’d look taller!

Any other nice black shoes? Let me know guys 😀

PS these are the only black “dress” shoes i have and the vans i bought the other day.

Guess who’s back?!

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So after a veeeeeeery long hiatus, I’m back and with bilingual posts! (sometimes. yeah… not really. too much work!) and a new look to the blog!

I’ve been really busy with school and moving to NYC (studying fashion marketing @ parsons) so I never had time to post anything. Anyway, here goes. You know I love shoes, so here are a few that i think could be great for summer 😀

What better way to start, than with these very tropical vans? perfect for the summer! I love the colors and although the print can be a bit overwhelming, it looks so cool!

Who doesn’t love Christian Louboutin? I think he may be becoming one of my favorite shoe designers. If only i could afford them!

a perfect alternate to the classic boat shoe, the Biarritz Flat.

I like them better with the variation of studs and colors. The Louis Tik Tik Flat

The spacer flat

Alfred Suede Derby

I’m really feeling these Alfie Mocs. they look so nice, clean and cool. As well as appearing comfortable. I wish I knew where to get them.

The Alfie Chukka Native’s colors are so beachy!

Another good alternative for the sperrys are these LV Yucatan. SOOOOOOO PREETTY!!

YSL makes awesome shoes as well. They somehow manage to look really cool and easy while still maintaining the label’s luxury.

These all look very nice, but I’m sure there’s a hipster among us who would love these. The Pabst Blue Ribbon X Pro Keds. I gotta say, my hipster tendencies are tingling.

I wish these could be my summer shoes. I think I’d buy them in all the colors colors. The Méditerranée by Veja.

I already have two pairs of desert boots from Clarks, but i can’t help but love this color.

And to finish it all off, I have to talk about one the most talked about events this past week. The Royal Wedding! It was so beautiful! I’m sooo happy for Will & Kate (sorry Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge), but I’m kinda pissed that i didn’t know about these shoes until after the wedding. They look awesome! Can you imagine if Harry was rocking some on the wedding day? Wasn’t the wedding so nice, romantic and pretty? Her dress was beautiful!

That’s all folks! See you soon!

These are not flip flops

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Todos mis amigos saben que ODIO las chancletas AKA “Flip-Flops”. Pienso que son la cosa más fea del mundo, sobre todo si se las ponen con mahones. Barf!

Aquí van varios de los zapatos de esta temporada que son una mejor alternativa que ponerse unas chanclas feas y cafres. 😀

Primero, ¿Qué mejor zapato para el verano que unos Top Siders?

Ultimamente, han hecho unas versiones modernizadas del Top Sider. Ya no son solamente marrones. Ahora hay una variedad de colores bien cool.

Empezamos con estos limited edition de los Sebago Docksides en una colaboración con Cool Cats. Son grises pero tiene el pop de color rosa que los hacen diferente.

También estan estos Original 3-Eye de Sperry Topsiders  en una colaboración con Band of Outsiders. Ya vemos que el rosita esta como IN este season.

Estos zapatitos de Quoddy están bien cool, plus es una marca establecida bien buena y son zapatos de calidad.

Ahora vamonos con una alternativa más stylish del croc. El Jefferson de la marca canadiense Native es como el love child de unos crocs y unas converse. Además de que se ven cool, deben ser bien comodos.

Aquí va el Lanvin Sock Mid top sneaker. Suena weird el concepto pero no se ve mal.

Aquí van otros zapatos Lanvin de la colección de verano.

Aunque parezca que las botitas son de Otoño/Invierno, hay muchas que están bien cool y son con colores más apropiados para el verano.  Como estas de MS Sneaker, las “fashion boots”.

Me encanta las Chukka Boots y me encanta Generic Surplus so aquí van las últimas botas que tiraron.

Otra botita que se ve cool es la Fabre Light RS de Onitsuka Tiger. Amo las cosas con fringe.

Más botas, esta vez de Marc Jacosbs, The Zip-it Sneaker.

Me gustan las botitas azules de Oliberte, las Adibo.

Estas botas., las Paul Smith Sand Suede Mocassin Boot, me gusta por que son como mocasines/ botas. Plus el cremita esta IN este season.

O este zapato/bota de Ana Demuelemeester. LOVE THEM!

Estos zapatos pienso que gritan VERANO!

El color me encanta!El Gourmet low-top Cinque.

Otros zapatos super Summer, el Jute Border Sneaker deBeauty & Youth. Me encantan las rayas y la combinación.

Estos otros sneakers de Lacoste me encantan y se deben ver super bien con unos shorts o inclusive unos jorts. Son parte del Japan René Collection, que fue un proyecto de colaboraciones con American Rag & Cie, Ships, Edifice, Freaks Store y Journal Standard.

También me gustan estos que son como tela de bola de tennis, el Matchpoint III de Coverse.

Hay un trend que esta bien IN este verano y son los zapatos con prints. Aquí hay algunos.

El “Bolt Print” es el resultado de una colaboración entre Lightning Bolt y Nano Universe y esta suuuuper cool.

Más zapatos con Prints. El Bullet White Tie Dye de Supra.

Crazy prints! La serie de banderas de Superga.

Otro tipo de zapato bien veraniego son los slip-ons.

Estos de Toms son bien sencillos pero se ven bien cómodos, además que van bien con cualquier outfit.

Otro slip-on sencillo de CDXIII by 413, el Jerry. Lo bueno que tiene es que solo cuesta $18.

Estos me encantan por que se ven super stylish pero bien comfy.  Son los Riviera Leisure Shoes.

El slip-on de WuTang Clan y Bagua está bien cool y los colores se ven cabrones juntos.

Otro trend que se esta viendo ultimamente es el de zapatos que parecen viejos, pintados y/o usados. Los he mencionado en posts anteriores y aqui van otros.

Primero, los Silent de Damir Doma. Cool, pero de nuevo, se ven jodios!

Están también estos “Baseball Boots” de Neil Barett  que están hechos de cuero negro pero pintados por encima con blanco. Weird.

También esta este zapato de Salvatore Ferragamo, que Andy Warhol lo usaba muchisimo y lo acaban de relanzar como homenaje al artista. Por eso es que tiene la pinturita.

No habia puesto ninguno, pero este tennis de Adidas se ve bien comodo y super lindo. El Handball 5 Plug.

También me gustan estos Glow In The Dark.

Por otro lado, esto es lo que no se deben poner en el verano! Jajaja And i mean you, Ivan!

O estas cosas de Jean Charles de Castelbajac.

Y para terminar, Kudos a Puma por dejar de usar cajas y empezar el proyecto “Clever little Shoe bag Box”

¡¿Ven que hay muchas opciones para ponerse en el verano aparte de Crocs y Flip-Flops?!

Más zapatos

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Será por que trabajo en una tienda de zapatos o yo no se que, pero poco a poco este blog se ha convertido en un blog de zapatos. I promise que voy a postear otras cosas, pero por ahora, aquí van MÁS ZAPATOS!

Nunca había escuchado del diseñador Kris Van Assche, pero hoy ví par de sus zapatos y me gustan mucho:

¿Qué estas botitas PUMA no están cabronas? Son de la colección Urban Mobility. Si las veo me las compro.

Siempre me han gustado los bota shoes y mas estos de Gucci

Siempre me molesto por que aquí lo único que traen son las Vans clasicas y hay tantos estilos brutales como este.

Lo mismo pasa con las Converse. Siempre nos toca lo mismo, no cosas cool como estos.

Zapatos básicos pero bien cool. El Johnson Low de The hundreds.

Los zapatos Kr3w siempre me gustan, como estos.

El Grant

El Jackson

La Franklin

Más botitas, estas me recuerdan a las mias de Zara.  Estas son las mariner deck trainer mid de Nonnative.

Siempre me enamoro de algun zapato y ahora mismo es este. Estan brutales! Los quiero tanto! Es una colaboración del diseñador japonés, Taishi Nobukini y Clarks.

Finalmente, veo unas botitas que se parecen a las mías de Zara. Se llaman las Shaman.

Uffffff Christian Loubotin studded sneaker.

Este tipo de zapato me encanta, de Generic Surplus.

Estos zapatos de Stone Island Shadow Project me gustan por que son bien sencillos, pero they stand out

Las botitas Timbaland Abington estan cabroncisimas!

These look fun! El drippy sneaker de Ice Cream

Entonces, aquí van varios zapatos que me llaman mucho la atención, por que creo que si se vieran nuevos me encantarían, pero para comprarlos jodíos mejor los jodo yo!

Alexander McQueen Paint Stain Shoe

Alexander McQueen Paint blucher splattered shoe

S**R shoe

Hace tiempo que no ponía zapatos feos, so aquí hay un treat para que no todo sea lindo. Estan completamente ridículos! ¿Qué se creen, Pegaso?!:

Estos como que me gustan pero no me gustan.

Otros más que no se si me gustan o no. El pony skin chukka boot de Acne

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