Take a walk on the wild side

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Leopard print is EVERYWHERE!!!

I mean, a few years ago, this might’ve looked cheesy or trashy, but lately designers are just doing it right. The cool thing is that I’ve always thought of animal print as a more feminine trend, but here are a few cool options that make it cool for a guy to wear.

I’m starting off on the wrong foot cause technically this is cheetah, but it goes to show that guys are getting in n the animal action. Plus, it’s also floral.

Back to leopard, we have this collaboration from XLARGE and Madfoot! that wen’t all match-matchy. I don’t know if i love it, but i’ll give it a try.

Talking about match-matchy, that old rule about matching your shoes to your belt, you can do that with this one by Grin & Berrett (Best name ever for a company).

The Versace for H&M Collection also helped the trend, offering jackets, shirts and caps with colorful leopard print.

Supra has an entire line of leopard printed sneakers. The Assault, Cutler and Wrap actually look pretty cool in this pattern.

Another cool leopard sneaker is the Alien Stomper by Reebok. From all the animal printed sneakers I’ve seen, i think these are by far my faves. The pattern isn’t overwhelming but compliments the style of the shoe. Pretty cool.

Coming in a close second is the Adidas Forum Mid.

One of the kings of shoes is Mr Louboutin. He never fails to impress with his men’s offerings. His popular Rantus Orlato sneaker gets the wild treatment with leopard pony (huh?). Here it goes.

One of my favorite designers for his over the top fashion, Jeremy Scott, has created THIS. Would i wear it? No. Is it crazy? Yes. Is it cool? HELL YES!

Now, i love topsiders and to this day i only have 1 pair and they’re like beige and suede. Not your traditional shoe, but this one goes even further. The Yuketen Country Ranger has gone wild.

Vans and puma are in on the trend too.

It should be noted, that it’s not always the traditional leopard print. Some are using it in greys or even colored. Like these White Mountaneering sneakers.

Or these parkas made in collaboration by Supreme and North Face.

And that is not always sneakers, wingtips are going animal kingdom too.

Enough animal prints, they got me going wild. Are you gonna be spotted wearing these?


Cool shoes I saw while walking around

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Black shoes

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I’ve actually been thinking about black shoes a lot lately.

I don’t actually own a pair of black dress shoes and it wasn’t until recently that i didn’t own a pair of black sneakers. I always find it really hard to choose black shoes. Choose! Shoes! That rhymed! Anyway, I always feel that you have to be really picky about black dress shoes. They have to look good with a suit, but also work with jeans. Not too shinny or pointy. It’s a mess. And with sneakers i just need them to have a little bit of white or other color in it.

Here are a few black shoes that I really like but won’t know if i love them until i try them on.

– Christian Loubutin Metal Toe Cap lace ups

Although i love these. There a little too flashy.

–  Dainite Sole Gibson by Inventory & Mark McNairy

As awesome as it looks, with the beige sole, i feel like these would only work for jeans.

Now, THESE are perfect. I would totally rock these if they weren’t so expensive. They are beautiful and I’m sure that they’d work well with pretty much anything. They’re Maison Martin Margiela and are called the Paint oxford.

Now, i always end up going to Zara to get my shoes but whenever i try them on i just don’t like them. Here are a few black shoes that i haven’t tried on yet and i like. All of them are nice, but who knows how they look on my feet or with jeans or a nice pant?

Like i said, when it comes to sneakers, it helps if the shoe isn’t ALL black. I already found some pretty awesome Switchback Vans, but these Converse in collaboration with Vanquish are pretty dope.

i know people love the Loubutin spikes, but until now i actually hadn’t found a pair of shoes with them that i liked. These slip ons are actually pretty cool, they look comfortable and would take your rocker look to a whole new level. Can someone get them for me?

Now these i don’t know where to put. They are kinda casual, kinda dressy. It’s one of the latest trends in mens shoes, the wedge. These are by British remains. I’m not sure if i’d wear them, but at least i’d look taller!

Any other nice black shoes? Let me know guys 😀

PS these are the only black “dress” shoes i have and the vans i bought the other day.

Guess who’s back?!

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So after a veeeeeeery long hiatus, I’m back and with bilingual posts! (sometimes. yeah… not really. too much work!) and a new look to the blog!

I’ve been really busy with school and moving to NYC (studying fashion marketing @ parsons) so I never had time to post anything. Anyway, here goes. You know I love shoes, so here are a few that i think could be great for summer 😀

What better way to start, than with these very tropical vans? perfect for the summer! I love the colors and although the print can be a bit overwhelming, it looks so cool!

Who doesn’t love Christian Louboutin? I think he may be becoming one of my favorite shoe designers. If only i could afford them!

a perfect alternate to the classic boat shoe, the Biarritz Flat.

I like them better with the variation of studs and colors. The Louis Tik Tik Flat

The spacer flat

Alfred Suede Derby

I’m really feeling these Alfie Mocs. they look so nice, clean and cool. As well as appearing comfortable. I wish I knew where to get them.

The Alfie Chukka Native’s colors are so beachy!

Another good alternative for the sperrys are these LV Yucatan. SOOOOOOO PREETTY!!

YSL makes awesome shoes as well. They somehow manage to look really cool and easy while still maintaining the label’s luxury.

These all look very nice, but I’m sure there’s a hipster among us who would love these. The Pabst Blue Ribbon X Pro Keds. I gotta say, my hipster tendencies are tingling.

I wish these could be my summer shoes. I think I’d buy them in all the colors colors. The Méditerranée by Veja.

I already have two pairs of desert boots from Clarks, but i can’t help but love this color.

And to finish it all off, I have to talk about one the most talked about events this past week. The Royal Wedding! It was so beautiful! I’m sooo happy for Will & Kate (sorry Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge), but I’m kinda pissed that i didn’t know about these shoes until after the wedding. They look awesome! Can you imagine if Harry was rocking some on the wedding day? Wasn’t the wedding so nice, romantic and pretty? Her dress was beautiful!

That’s all folks! See you soon!

2. Eyewear

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Ya que estamos en verano, que mejor para combatir el sol que gafas. Bueno, el sunblock también, pero w.e.

Anyway, aquí van algunas de las gafas cool que han salido recientemente.

Primero nos vamos con estas gafas de Bernhard Willhelm y Mykita. Se ven tan extra luxurious que son como para estar en un yate. Y es que solo la gente que tenga yates las va a poder comprar por que cuestan $775. Se me olvido decir que los lentes tienen una capa de oro de 24k

Mykita también colaboró con Marios Schwab para hacer las Hamilton y las Jane.

Una marca bastante conocida es Nooka, pero casi siempre es por los relojes. Aquí va su colección mercury de gafas.

Ahora mismo, estas serían las gafas que me compraría. Solo $95! Son marca Shwood y estan hechas de madera.

Estas gafas estan super John Lennon, un poquito Gagaish pero me gustan. Son las P3 submariner.

Estas otras gafas, las Tubular Temple Aviator, de una de mis marcas favoritas, Burberry, se ven tan cabronas! Esto es lo que esta in este verano, aviators que no sean wire framed.

Bueno, si alguien es fan de Celine Dion, pueden comprar de su linea de gafas.

Ya que estamos hablando de gafas de gente famosa. Aquí van unas de la colección de las Olsen.

Las Hudson:

y las Fairfax

Y seguimos con una colaboración de Madonna con D&G. Me encanta la M con las estrellitas 😀

Estas gafas RayBan con Donald Cummings se ven tan cool y tan artsy.

Ahora, si queremos ver cosas raras, estan estas gafas, que solo gente rara como Gaga se las pondría. Son de Moncler Gamme Bleu y cuestan alrededor de $558. Están bien raras pero me gustan.

Otras gafas que amo son las Mosley Tribes Lyndell Beaded. Parecen medias indígenas.

¿Qué mejor que el súper classic print de carey? Aquí están las Illesteva inspiradas en los 50’s

Otras que se ven medias retro, son las Dead Famous de Sabre.

Seguimos con lo retro con estas de Cutler & Gross y Commes de Garçon Homme Plus. Parecen de nena pero son de hombre so…

Como esto no es solo gafas, aquí van algunos espejuelos lindos.

La colaboración de Futura y Kaneko Optical nos da estos que parecen wayfarers.

Y otros que me gustaron mucho fueron estos espejuelos de HERRLICHT tallados de madera. La madera esta bien in lately, aunque no quisiera que corten muchos arboles! pero se ven bien cool.

Y lo último que me parece super curioso es estas gafas, que son para ver películas 3d y pues los diseñadores quería que no fueran gafas feas como las que dan en el cine.  Aquí están las Stacks.

1. hats

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A veces la gente no piensa que los sombreros o gorras son parte cool de un outfit, pero hay que admitir que son super importante por que no te están viendo el pelo o, si acaso, están viendo poco.

Así que pienso que un sombrero debe ser bien cool o debe hacer un statement.

Aquí van algunos que están súper cool o lindos.

los fedoras siempre son cool, pero en el verano es mejor optar por unos que sean de paja o de algodon. Que tengan un look mas relaxed. Como estos de REHACER, el Paper Hat.

Otra opción es un sombrero de mallitas. Lo se suena medio weird, pero estos de Deluxe se ven super cool.

También están estos sombreros de Challenger y Hash Browns que le añaden parchos y pues le quita el look tan clásico que tienen.

Ya que estamos en Verano, les presento el perfect summer hat! jaja Esta hecho por Seventy Four

Otros que caen en buena categoría de summer hat, son estos bowler hats de paja de Mackdaddy.

Este sombrero de Maison Martin Margiela, sigue por la misma linea para verano, PAJA aunque lo combina poniendo el borde con canvas.

Otros en paja son estos de Wrath Arcane, pero me gustan por que usan colores diferentes.

Este otro sombrero me gusta por el detalle de la cinta. Se ve super chic. El porkpie hat de EK by New Era.

Por otro lado, si uno quiero optar por un lado más classy, están estos sombreros que son el resultado de una colaboración de Victim y HTC. Son bastante sencillitos pero tienen sus detalles en cuero bien nice.

Aquí hay uno que se ve súper cabrón pero bien moderno. Es una colaboración de Freudian Kicks y Soulland y se llama el Adler Fedora. Tiene un look medio militar pero súper cool.

Claro que como siempre hay cosas buenas tan bien hay cosas malas o raras. Como estos sombreros de un estudiante en London, que son hechos con cosas de cocina :S jaja Bien Lady Gaga!

That’s all for now! Coming up next: Eyewear!

New posts coming soon

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Se que me he tardado un montón en hacer un post, pero ya pronto vienen par de posts bien cool.

Primero, una serie de posts, cada uno dedicado a una parte diferente de un outfit (ej: Camisa, pantalon, zapatos, etc)

Segundo, un post enfocado en moda para mujeres. I KNOW! Siempre todas las cosas de moda son de nena, pero este blog es mayormente de cosas de hombres, so de vez en cuando hay que ceder.

Y tercero, una serie de posts hechos por guest bloggers (amigos mios que les pedí que hicieran un post).

So all this is coming soon!