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To my surprise, today when I got home i had a package waiting from my parents. When I opened it there was a NEW IPAD 2! No birthday or special occasion! Just because they’re awesome!

Anyway, that got me thinking that I need a case for it, so I started searching and here is what I came up with and my favorite 3!

First, this really classy bag from Defy bags. It’s so pretty and looks so sophisticated.

But it is $150 and that’s a lot, so instead, this option from Zara seems reasonable. And at $80 it’s so much better.

Similar to these is the Leather Portfolio from Kenton Sorenson 

Pretty rugged and still expensive, Id love to have this Temple bag.

So moving on, there’s this Alexander Wang which is pretty much amazing, but i don’t even want to see the price tag.

Same with this one from Chanel. Although I can also use it as an iPhone cover!

And Alexander McQueen ❤

Why must the really awesome ones be so expensive? 😦

Like this one from Steve Mono. So nice. So blue. So not worth $281 from my broke self.

This one from Louboutin is soooo cool! I reeeeally want it! I want to be rocker cool!

Then, I have the option of going natural . There are these 2 cases, one from Vers and the other from Zara that are so cool because of the juxtaposition between nature and technology.

The one from Vers.

The one from Zara.

If I wanted my iPad to match my iPhone, I would get this one from Speck.

And then, my FAVOURITE but of course the most expensive one is from Proenza Schouler. At $685 here it is. Im dying for that green one!!!

And finally, this one, which is the one I might need, pretty much makes your iPad immortal. The Hardback case from Pelican.

Oh! Of course! I’m considering the MOLESKINE iPad case!

AND here’s my iPad! Thanks to my lovely, AWESOME parents! ❤


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